Names in the News Welcomes Dani Fabucci

We are very excited to welcome Dani Fabucci to the Names in the News team. She serves as an Assistant Account Executive offering high level project management and customer service for our brokerage team and clients under the guidance of Vice President Jennifer Cox.

We are very fortunate to benefit from Dani’s established skills in the areas of high level customer care and complex project management execution.

Dani is a graduate of Sonoma State University with a Bachelors in Arts and Humanities. She will be working out of the corporate office in Oakland. If you’d like to welcome Dani you can email her at Y

One thought on “Names in the News Welcomes Dani Fabucci

  1. Good morning, Dani – Congratulations to you for joining the Names in the News Team. I started my DM career on the agency side in the early 2000s. I have since advanced to the client side and recently accept a job as the development director with a small Catholic High School in Lacey, Washington.

    I have always kept SRDS and the great list companies in high regard. I came across a letter from Names in the News California so wanted to touch base as I want to do some research about potential acquisition lists for our fall appeal. Definitely donors that support the school’s mission.

    I am rusty on list research and am not up to date on what is available as I had when on the agency side 15 years ago. It would be great to hear from you for some direction. Thank you! Todd-

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