We are extremely pleased to announce the addition of Cheryl Achee to the Names in the News senior team.

She will be joining our List Management division as Senior List
Cheryl brings 11 years of data management and acquisition
service experience to the Names in the News list management
Most recently Cheryl was Senior List Fulfillment Coordinator
managing data for more than 100 Non-Profit client files
encompassing millions of records.  She worked diligently with
list brokers to accurately process custom list orders while
providing excellent customer service.  Cheryl previously was anAccount Executive of Email Marketing, generating revenue
through the effective development of email marketing solutionsfor several hundred small business clients.  In this role, she
insured proper integration and implementation of several
email campaigns. 
In her role as Account Executive of Direct Mail Marketing
Cheryl introduced clients to new products and services and
used her sales skills to explore client needs and to offer
suggestions to enhance client marketing efforts. Cheryl will beworking out of her Nebraska office, providing excellent
customer service and care to both our brokerage colleagues
and list management clients.
Susan Anstrand, Chief Executive Officer says, “We are very
excited to welcome Cheryl to our team. Her professionalism,
attention to detail and range of experience will be a great
compliment to our firm.”
Suzie McGuire, President adds, “We’ve worked hard to build a senior team of high level fundraising experts with diverse skill sets to offer the highest caliber of acquisition strategy and
customer service.  Cheryl will be a wonderful addition to our
very exceptional team.”
Names in the News was founded in 1969 by Richard Hammondto primarily serve the progressive nonprofit market as
acquisition list strategists, brokers, and managers. For 50 yearswe have had the privilege of working with a wide gamut of
clients – representing organizations from political, public
interest, environmental, animal rights, human/civil rights,
cultural art, public broadcasting, international relief and
disease/charitable and publication markets.
Your Names in the News team can provide a collaborative
partnership, sophisticated strategy development, and solutionstargeted to your organizational goals – all the while providing
great customer service, competitive pricing and accurate and
timely delivery of lists.
For more information about our services, please contact
Suzanne McGuire
Or if you’d like to welcome Cheryl to the Names in the News
team you can email her at Cheryl Achee@nincal.com .

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