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FINCA has been the lead micro-financer for the poor worldwide since 1984, based on a banking methodology fostering the principles of self-help and free enterprise. FINCA’s programs provide the poor with the opportunity to create their own jobs: this translates into loans from $50 to $500, group support systems and mandatory savings to working capital.
Donors to FINCA believe in the inherent right of an individual to a healthy and stable life based on being able to earn a living. They further understand that given the opportunity, women in particular are aggressive entrepreneurs who focus first on the well being and improvement of the lives of their children, next their community and then extend a hand to others

FINCA donors contribute generously to address world problems in a constructive manner. Core issues taken up are: eliminating poverty, reducing economic inequity and ensuring the right of every individual to housing, education and healthcare.

65,646 24 Month Donors

25,251 35-36 Month Donors

21,117 Lapsed Donors (37-48 Months)

18,307 $100-$249 Donors – reciprocal exchange only

3,141 Canadian Donors – reciprocal exchange only

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