Capitol Area Community Food Bank | (Data Card)
Catching the Dream | (Data Card)
Disarm Education Fund | (Data Card)
FINCA | (Data Card)
Food and Friends | (Data Card)
Food First (IFDP) | (Data Card)
GLIDE | (Data Card)
Maryland Food Bank |  (Data Card)
Oglala Lakota | (Data Card)
PFLAG | (Data Card)
Public Citizen | (Data Card)
Southern Poverty Law Center | (Data Card)
United Farm Workers | (Data Card)
Visiting Nurse Service of New York | (Data Card)
Wellstone Action | (Data Card)
Working Assets Phone Customers | (Data Card)

Al Franken for Senate  | (Data Card)
Americans for Democratic Action | (Data Card)
Catherin Masto for Senate | (Data Card)
Boxer for Senate | (Data Card)
Brady Campaign | (Data Card)
Californians for Political Reform | (Data Card)
Corporate Accountability International | (Data Card)
Democratic Socialists of America Fund
| (Data Card)
Hassan for Senate | (Data Card)
Jeff Merkley for Senate
| (Data Card)
K. Brown for Governor
| (Data Card)
Kamala Harris for Senate
| (Data Card)
Keith Ellison for Congress
| (Data Card)
Leahy for Senate
| (Data Card)
Maria Cantwell for Senate | (Data Card)
Midwest Values PAC | (Data Card)
National Peace Institute (Anacapa) – Donors | (Data Card)
North American Congress on Latin America | (Data Card)
Shaheen for Senate | (Data Card)
Stabenow for Senate
| (Data Card)
Tammy Baldwin for Senate  | (Data Card)
Tammy Duckworth for Senate
  | (Data Card)
Tarryl Clark for Congress
| (Data Card)
Warren for Senate
Wisconsin Democracy Campaign 
| (Data Card)

EngenderHealth | (Data Card)
Feminist Majority | (Data Card)
Feminist Majority Foundation | (Data Card)
FINCA | (Data Card)
Ms. Magazine | (Data Card)
National Women’s Health Network | (Data Card)
Population Connection | (Data Card)
Women for Women International | (Data Card)

HIAS | {Data Card}
The Interfaith Alliance | (Data Card)
Quixote Center | (Data Card)

Adirondack Explorer
American Horticultural Society | (
Data Card)
Association for Research and Enlightenment | (Data Card)
Dissent | (Data Card)
Guilford Publications | (Data Card)
Hightower Lowdown | (Data Card)
Monthly Review | (Data Card)
Ms. Magazine | (Data Card)
The New Republic | 
(Data Card)
Northern Sun | (
Data Card)
One Story | {Data Card}
Parabola Magazine | (Data Card)
Parallax Press | (Data Card)
The Progressive | (Data Card)
Trail Runner Magazine | (Data Card)
Tricycle the Buddhist Review | (Data Card)
Vegetarian Resource Group | (Data Card)
Washington Spectator | (Data Card)
Wisdom Publications | (Data Card)
Yes! Magazine | (Data Card)

American Farmland Trust | (Data Card)
ANACAPA | (Data Card)
Archaeological Conservancy | (Data Card)
California “Big Green | (Data Card)
Californians Against Waste
Coral Reef Alliance | (Data Card)
Food and Water Watch
 | (Data Card)
Forest and Wildlife Committee | (Data Card)
Galapagos Conservancy | (Data Card)
Kuzins California Environmental | (Data Card)
Monterey Bay (California) Aquarium
National Aquarium  | (Data Card)
National Parks Conservation Association  | (Data Card)
New Jersey Audubon | (Data Card)
Pesticide Action Network | (Data Card)
Rainforest Action Network | (Data Card)
Rainforest Alliance | (Data Card)
Save the Redwoods League | (Data Card)
Sempervirens Fund | (Data Card)
Student Conservation Association | (Data Card)
The Trustees | (Data Card)
Trout Unlimited | (Data Card)
Union of Concerned Scientists | (Data Card)
Waterkeeper Alliance | (Data Card)
Yosemite Conservancy | (Data Card)

Adventure Cycling | (Data Card)
California State Parks Foundation | (Data Card)
National Parks Conservation Association | (Data Card)
Rock and Ice | (Data Card)

Californians for Parks & Wildlife | (Data Card)
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International | (Data Card)
Elephant Sanctuary | (Data Card)
Gorilla Foundation | (Data Card)
Trout Unlimited | (Data Card)

Animal Protection
Alley Cat Rescue | (Data Card)
Animal Place | (Data Card)
Center for Biological Diversity
Citizens against Trapping | (Data Card)
Donors to end Animal Exploitation | (Data Card)
Donors – Beside the Golden Door(Anacapa)| (Data Card)
Elephant Sanctuary | (Data Card)
Farm Sanctuary | (Data Card)
East Bay SPCA | (Data Card)
Humane Farming | (Data Card)
International Wildlife Coalition | (Data Card)
Kindness Ranch | (Data Card)
Marine Mammal | (Data Card)
PETA | (Data Card)
Save the Mustangs | (Data Card)
Turtle Island Restoration Network | (Data Card)
Trout Unlimited | (Data Card)
Whale Adoption Project | (Data Card)

American Air Museum in Britain | (Data Card)
American Film Institute
| (Data Card)
California Academy of Sciences | (Data Card)
California Commonwealth Club | (Data Card)
Exploratorium| (Data Card)
Fine Arts Museum | (Data Card)
Friends of the Smithsonian
Lakota Funds| (Data Card)
National Museum of African American History & Culture | (Data Card)
National Yiddish Book | (Data Card)
Oglala Lakota College | (Data Card)
San Francisco Conservatory of Music| (Data Card)

Public Broadcasting
KCTS Channel 9 | (Data Card)
KUED TV | (Data Card)
Oregon Public Broadcasting | (Data Card)
PBS SoCal (formerly KOCE) | (Data Card)
WNYC New York Public Radio | (Data Card)
WPBT Miami Public Television | (Data Card)
WQXR New York Public Radio | (Data Card)