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List Name
Active Pro-Marijuana Political Supporters     
Adventure Cycling Association – Members     Usage
Al Franken for Senate     
Al Franken for Senate – High Dollar Donors     
Alley Cat Rescue     Usage
American Air Museum In Britain     Usage
American Farmland Trust – Members/Donors     Usage
American Farmland Trust High Dollar – Members/Donors     Usage
American Film Institute – Members     
American Forests     
American Gardener Magazine     
American Horticultural Society     Usage
Americans for Democratic Action – Members/Donors     Usage
Anacapa Fund – Donors     Usage
Animal Place – Donors     
Archaeological Conservancy – Donors     Usage
Association for Research and Enlightenment     
Bay Nature     Usage
Blue Donors in Red States     
Boxer for Senate – Donors     
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence – Donors/Members     Usage
Bryce for Congress     
California ‘Big Green’ Environmental Protection Initiative     
California Academy of Sciences     
California Commonwealth Club-Mbrs     Usage
California State Parks Foundation     Usage
California Wildlife Protection Committee – Donors     
Californians for Parks & Wildlife – Donors     
Capital Area Food Bank – Donors     
Carolyn’s List     Usage
Catching The Dream- Donors     Usage
Catherine Masto for Senate/NV     
Catherine Masto for Senate/NV High Dollar     
Citizens Against Trapping – Donors     Usage
Claire McCaskill for Senate     
Claire McCaskill for Senate – High Dollar Donors     
Corporate Accountability International – Donors/Members     
Cory Booker for Senate     
Deborah Ross for Senate     Usage
Democratic Socialists of America – Members     Usage
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International – Donors     Usage
Disarm Education Fund – Donors     
Dissent – Subscribers     
Donna Edwards for Senate     Usage
Donors – Beside the Golden Door (Anacapa)     
Donors – To End Animal Experimentation (Anacapa)     Usage
East Bay SPCA     
Ed Markey for Senate High Dollar     
Elephant Sanctuary – Donors     Usage
Engenderhealth – Donors     
FINCA Foundation for International Community Assistance     Usage
FINCA High Dollar Donors     Usage
Farm Sanctuary – Donors     Usage
Farm Sanctuary High Dollar – Donors     
Feminist Majority – Donors     Usage
Feminist Majority Foundation – Donors     Usage
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco     
Food First (IFDP) – Donors     
Food and Friends     Usage
Food and Water Watch     
Food and Water Watch High Dollar     
Forest and Wildlife Protection Committee – Donors     
Friends of Patrick Murphy     Usage
Friends of the San Francisco Library Foundation     
Galapagos Conservancy High $     
Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN)     
Generous Interstate Democratic Donors     
Glide     Usage
Gorilla Foundation – Donors     Usage
Gray for Senate/KY     
HIAS (formerly Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)     Usage
Hanna Boys Center     
Hassan for Senate/NH     Usage
Hassan for Senate/NH High Dollar     
Hightower Lowdown – Subscribers     Usage
Hillel International     Usage
Hillel International High Dollar     Usage
Humane Farming Association – Donors     Usage
Interfaith Alliance – Donors     Usage
International Animal Rescue U.S.    
Intl Wildlife Coalition (Anacapa Fund) – Donors     
Jeff Merkley for Senate     
Jeff Merkley for Senate High Dollar     
Jon Ossoff for Congress     
Jon Ossoff for Congress High Dollar     
K. Brown for Governor     
KCTS 9 – Donors     
KNKX (Formerly KPLU Seattle Public Radio) – Members     Usage
Kamala Harris for Senate/CA     
Kamala Harris for Senate/CA High Dollar     
Katie McGinty for Senate/PA     Usage
Keith Ellison for Congress     
Kindness Ranch – (Anacapa)     Usage
Kuzins California Environmental (Masterfile) – Donors     
MS. Magazine – Subscribers     Usage
Maria Cantwell for Senate     
Maria Cantwell for Senate High Dollar     
Marin Conservation League     
Marine Mammal Center – Donors     Usage
Mary Burke/Governor Wisconsin     Usage
Mary Burke/Governor Wisconsin High Dollar     
Midwest Values PAC High Dollar     
Midwest Values Pac     
Monterey Bay (California) Aquarium – Members     
Monthly Review – Subscribers     
National Aquarium Baltimore – Members     Usage
National Center for Lesbian Rights     
National Museum of African American History and Culture     
National Parks Conservation Association     Usage
National Psoriasis Foundation     
National Women’s Health Network – Donor/Members     Usage
New York Landmarks Conservancy     
New York Landmarks Conservancy High $     
Northern Sun     
Oglala Lakota College – Donors     Usage
One Story     
Oregon Public Broadcasting     
PBS SoCal – Members (Formerly KOCE)     Usage
PETA-People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals     Usage
PFLAG     Usage
Parabola Magazine     Usage
Parallax Press Catalog     
Population Connection – Donors     Usage
Progressive Subscribers     Usage
Progressive and Compassionate Healthcare Professionals     
Public Citizen Donors     Usage
Quixote Center – Donors     
Rainforest Action Network     
Rainforest Alliance – Donors     Usage
Rock and Ice Magazine     Usage
Rosenberg Fund for Children – Donors     
SEVA Foundation – Donors     Usage
San Francisco AIDS Foundation     Usage
San Francisco Conservatory of Music – Donors     
San Francisco General Hospital Foundation     
Save the Mustangs – (Anacapa)     Usage
Save the Redwoods League     Usage
Science of Mind     Usage
Sempervirens Fund     Usage
Sempervirens Fund High Dollar     
Shaheen for Senate     
Shaheen for Senate High Dollar     
Sounds True Audio Catalog     Usage
Southern Poverty Law Center Donors     Usage
Southern Poverty Law Center-High $ Donors     
Stabenow for Senate – Donors     
Student Conservation Association – Donors     Usage
Swing State Democrats     
Syracuse Cultural Workers – Buyers     Usage
Tammy Baldwin for Senate – Donors     Usage
Tammy Baldwin for Senate Hi$     Usage
Tammy Duckworth for Senate     
Tammy Duckworth for Senate High Dollar     
Tarryl Clark for Congress     
The New Republic     Usage
The Trustees of Reservations     
Trail Runner Magazine     
Tricycle: The Buddhist Review     Usage
Trout Unlimited     Usage
Tuolumne River Trust – Members     
Turtle Island Restoration Network     
Union of Concerned Scientists – Donors     Usage
Union of Concerned Scientists – High Dollar     Usage
United Farm Workers – Donors     Usage
United Way of Greater Los Angeles     
Vegetarian Resource Group – Members     
WNYC New York Public Radio     Usage
WPBT Miami Public Television – Members     Usage
WQXR New York Public Radio     Usage
Warren for Senate     
Warren for Senate High Dollar – Donors     
Washington Spectator – Subscribers     Usage
Waterkeeper Alliance     Usage
Wellstone Action – Donors     
Wendy Davis for Governor     Usage
Wendy Davis for Governor High Dollar     Usage
Whale Adoption Project (Anacapa Fund) – Donors     
Wisconsin Democracy Campaign     
Women for Women International     
Women for Women International High Dollar     
Xerces Society – Members     
YES! Magazine     Usage
Yiddish Book Center – Members     Usage
Yosemite Conservancy     
Yosemite Conservancy High Dollar