About Us

  • We set ourselves apart from the competition with our unwavering commitment to the progressive non-profit market and our years of experience in this market.
  • No other brokerage firm can equal the breadth, depth and longevity of our experience in the nonprofit sector. More than 40 years and 10 billion names after the founding of Names in the News, we remain dedicated to the nonprofit market because it is not just what we do, but who we are: fundraisers.
  • It is also at the heart of what drives us to continue to innovate at the leading edge, anticipating trends and providing our clients with every advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
  • Names in the News are more than “just an order taker” — we serve as an integrated part of your fundraising team.
  • While our primary role is to provide list strategies and brokerage, in today’s competitive marketplace we are also mindful of how our strategies fit into the broader development goals of the organization. We work closely with our clients to achieve fundraising objectives by helping acquire the “right” donors for our clients’ programs.
  • No one else has stronger analytic capabilities … and no one else makes customized analysis part and parcel of what they update and review prior to every mail plan. From the ongoing development of our exclusive analytical reports and programs, to proprietary planning and modeling tools available, you can count on unparalleled acquisition analysis and strategic planning.
  • Our list plans are more creative and innovative in helping you achieve your fundraising goals. With our experienced staff, you’ve got the best minds in creatively tapping into new lists and new markets. Our tests reflect our commitment to going beyond the “usual suspects,” finding the mainstream lists as well as those that are undiscovered, eclectic — and highly responsive.
  • Our pricing model emphasizes value — and values — rather than just dollars. All consultations, reporting, analysis, marketing, advertising, travel — virtually everything imaginable in the course of doing business together — is covered by the rental commissions and exchange fees we receive.

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