Congratulations to Our Team Members

     Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues,   I am so excited to announce the following promotions for these Names in the News team members. These advancements are in recognition of leadership, team mentorship, and stellar strategy and service to our clients. I feel so grateful to have them on the executive team working with Susan, David and me on company initiatives and business strategy. Knowing that we have them at our side to handle any challenges that may come our way and to collaborate on the next phase of our business is very exciting!   Warm Regards,   Suzie McGuire President  

    Names in the News Congratulates Denise Hubbard We are thrilled to congratulate Denise Hubbard who has been promoted to Executive Vice President/Director of Analytics. We want to acknowledge her stellar customer care, vision and implementation of our new statistical database.   Denise continues to innovate and is in the process of creating new analytic tools for our clients as well as to our team. As a continuing member of our Executive Committee we can always count on Denise to be a thoughtful, engaged and strategic leader.     Names in the News Congratulates Jennifer Cox Jennifer Cox has been promoted to Executive Vice President/Brokerage. We want to recognize Jennifer’s operational excellence as well as her ability to provide top-level strategic guidance to our clients and mentoring for our brokerage team.   As a continuing member of our executive team, Jennifer can always be counted on to handle any strategic challenge with a can-do attitude and thoughtful approach. Her clients often describe Jennifer as a pro-active, reliable partner who always provides great solutions to any challenge.     Names in the News Congratulates Marianne Hammer Marianne Hammer has been promoted to Vice President/Director of List Management.   Marianne is joining the Executive Committee in recognition of her brokerage accomplishments and the mentoring of our list management team.   An industry veteran, with experience in both list management, brokerage, and executive roles in both non profit and consumer markets, Marianne will be a great asset to our most senior leadership group.  

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