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Congratulations to Our Team Members

     Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues,   I am so excited to announce the following promotions for these Names in the News team members. These advancements are in recognition of leadership, team mentorship, and stellar strategy and service to our clients. I feel so grateful to have them on the executive team working with Susan, David and me on company initiatives and business strategy. Knowing that we have them at our side to handle any challenges that may come our way and to collaborate on the next phase of our business is very exciting!   Warm Regards,   Suzie McGuire President  

    Names in the News Congratulates Denise Hubbard We are thrilled to congratulate Denise Hubbard who has been promoted to Executive Vice President/Director of Analytics. We want to acknowledge her stellar customer care, vision and implementation of our new statistical database.   Denise continues to innovate and is in the process of creating new analytic tools for our clients as well as to our team. As a continuing member of our Executive Committee we can always count on Denise to be a thoughtful, engaged and strategic leader.     Names in the News Congratulates Jennifer Cox Jennifer Cox has been promoted to Executive Vice President/Brokerage. We want to recognize Jennifer’s operational excellence as well as her ability to provide top-level strategic guidance to our clients and mentoring for our brokerage team.   As a continuing member of our executive team, Jennifer can always be counted on to handle any strategic challenge with a can-do attitude and thoughtful approach. Her clients often describe Jennifer as a pro-active, reliable partner who always provides great solutions to any challenge.     Names in the News Congratulates Marianne Hammer Marianne Hammer has been promoted to Vice President/Director of List Management.   Marianne is joining the Executive Committee in recognition of her brokerage accomplishments and the mentoring of our list management team.   An industry veteran, with experience in both list management, brokerage, and executive roles in both non profit and consumer markets, Marianne will be a great asset to our most senior leadership group.  

Galapagos Conservancy

We are pleased to announce GALAPAGOS  CONSERVANCY is now at Names in the News

Galapagos Conservancy is dedicated exclusively to the long-term protection of the Galapagos Islands. This single focus allows us to maximize the impact of the financial investments of our members, who include individuals and institutions that care deeply about the Galapagos Islands and understand the scientific importance of preserving this extraordinary ecosystem.


5,477    24 Month $5.99.99 Donors – exchange only  Data Card
 4,000  24 Month $100+ Donors – exchange only      Data Card
For more information, please contact: List Management

Women for Women International

Women for Women International helps women in war-torn regions rebuild their lives by giving them financial and emotional support, job skills training, rights education, access to capital and assistance for small business development.
Through a tiered program that begins with direct financial and emotional support, Women for Women International offers vocational and business skills training and provides access to income-generation support and affordable micro-credit loans that together can help women rebuild their lives in ways that are independent, productive and secure. Women for Women International also fosters awareness and understanding of women’s rights.
18,743 12 Month $10+ Donors – exchange only
33,051 24 Month $10+ Donors – exchange only
For more information, please contact: Agnes Alvarez or Krsni Watkins

Trout Unlimited


A highly responsive list for environmental, catalog and outdoor activity offers.

Members of Trout Unlimited are dedicated to conserving, protecting and restoring North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. Members receive TROUT, TU’s award winning magazine on a quarterly basis. The publication reports on conservation news, updates on TU’s activities, grassroot success stories, and fishing destinations.

New selects available!

120,504 Active Subscribers/Members
84,260 12 Month Subscribers/Members
52,177 6 Month Subscribers/Members
28,551 3 Month Subscribers/Members

TU members pay annual dues of $35 and make additional contributions over and above their dues in support of the organization’s mission.

Can select areas of interest @ $10/M:
Boating & Sailing
Camping & Hiking

Data Card

Introducing Suzie McGuire, our new Vice President

Names in the News is delighted to welcome Suzie McGuire back to our family as Vice President. Suzie will be concentrating on new business and expansion of our brokerage and management services. Suzie has more than 25 years of direct response fundraising experience, serving many influential charitable, cultural, and progressive organizations as both list broker, list manager, and direct response fundraising consultant.

Most recently, in her seven year tenure at Mal Warwick Associates|Donor-Digital, she served as Senior Account Executive, leading client’s annual fund strategy and managing all direct mail and telephone fundraising initiatives from acquisition and acknowledgments to cultivation, special appeals, renewals and monthly giving programs. In her role as Director of Operations, she also fine-tuned her skills in new business development and streamlining operational systems. She is a proud recipient of two Direct Marketing Association Maxi awards in the special appeal and high dollar appeal categories. Prior to MWA/DD, Suzie was instrumental to the growth and development of Names In The News for 21 years. So she really is “coming home.”

During her spare time, Suzie loves to cook and entertain at her ranch house in the Oakland Hills of sunny California.  She is the proud Mom of two young adult sons, Sam and Andrew. In addition to her deep commitment to progressive fundraising and striving for excellent client service, Suzie is known for her easy-to-get-along-with disposition and ridiculously nice personality. Please help us welcome Suzie back! She can be reached at or (510) 302-4611.

Do your clients watch the news? Then you will NOT want to miss these lists…


People can’t stop talking about the genius that is Senator Elizabeth Warren…..

And the power behind the Wisconsin Democratic Party made not only national news, but created a strong donor base from across the country.  So if your  mailers are politically active and concerned about progressive causes, these two lists are tests that you can’t afford to miss.

77,178 12 Month Donors
60,729 12 Month $25+ Donors
22,134 12 Month $100+ Donors – exchange only
These are donors committed to Elizabeth  Warren’s 2012 defeat of Scott Brown. Referred to as “The New Sheriff of Wall Street” by Time Magazine and twice included as one of America’s most influential 100 people – Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA is known for fighting on behalf of the middle class and taking Wall Street to task.
Senator Warren served as the Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled Relief Program (TARP) and worked tirelessly to protect taxpayers and hold Wall Street accountable. Those efforts helped lead the way to create a new consumer financial institution, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, that protects people from hidden financial tricks in mortgages, credit cards and other financial products.
Other important issues Senator Warren works on behalf of include: Education; Renewable Energy & the Environment; Veterans, Military Families & National Security; Health Care Reform; Housing Reform (to Help Keep People in Their Homes); Jobs & The Economy; Immigration; Issues Facing Urban Neighborhoods; Leveling the Playing Field (for Small Business’ and Job Creation); LGBT Equality; Seniors; Women.
Donors on this file are well-educated and deeply committed to middle-class values and the idea of a better, cleaner, smarter, safer, and more equitable country for all, where everyone has a chance to get ahead and not struggle just to keep the lights on.
Average Gift is $55.

Data Card


80,129 12 Month Donors
142,777 24 Month Donors
28,781 12 Month DMS Donors
41,264 24 Month DMS Donors
The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is the affiliate to the national Democratic Party. Since 2009, they have been led by chairman Mike Tate, who is the youngest chairman of a state party to date.
Members on this file are deeply committed to fighting for progressive causes in their home state and nationally, as many joined from across the country in support of Unions and against Scott Walker. They are strong supporters of Equality, Human Rights, Social Security, Health Care Reform, Education Improvements, Protecting Healthy and Sustainable Farming Practices and Biodiversity, among other issues commonly considered “liberal”.
These forward-thinking and passionate donors are educated, motivated and loyal to supporting Democratic candidates and causes in Wisconsin, surrounding states and nationally.

Data Card

Congratulations PFLAG on 40 Years!

PFLAG celebrates 40 years since their first pricemexican pharmacy official meeting on March 26, 1973. A great list for your human rights and political mailers, this list is almost evenly divided between male and female donors. Help them celebrate 40 years and give them a try!


7,986 Donors
PFLAG, the Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, is a national non-profit organization with members and supporters in over 500 affiliates across the United States. This vast grassroots network is cultivated, resourced and serviced by the PFLAG national office,located in Washington DC, the national Board of Directors and 14 Regional directors. PFLAG promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons, their families and friends through: Support to cope with an adverse society, education to enlighten an ill-informed public, and advocacy to end discrimination and to secure equal civil rights.
Data Card



Available for the first time on Rental!

Progressive political lists available for rent – two for the first time ever! Very strong for your environmental, health, activist, and a wide range of other mailers, these new lists are versatile and have a high average gift.


17,586 Donors

Donors to Senator Harkin’s successful bid for U.S. Senate. Dedicated to his constituents since 1974, Senator Harkin is best known for his legacy legislature: crafting the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). He also leads efforts for better education, healthcare, research regarding paralysis and embryonic stem cell research, renewable energy, and land conservation. In September 2009, following the death of Senator Kennedy, Tom became chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee. Tom believes that to serve in this capacity is to carry on the legacy of Senator Kennedy, who dedicated his life ensuring that our economy works for all Americans, guaranteeing every child the opportunity to pursue a quality education and, of course the cause of Kennedy’s life access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans.

31,109 Donors
16,210 24 Month Donors
Contributors to Maria Cantwell’s senatorial campaign and her efforts to fight for political reform and opportunities for everyone in her home state of Washington. Maria Cantwell has been a leader on energy and environmental issues in the senate and has helped boost Washington’s economy and create jobs. She supports independence from Middle East oil and has fought for women’s right’s, education and better health care.
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